About Nadf

Nepalese Australian Democratic Forum (NADF) was established on 28th Sep 1998 in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia as a non-profit based social organization. NADF supports democracy and its values and practices. An ad-hoc committee was formed on that day with following four main purposes:

  • To inform about NADF and increase participation and membership of the Nepalese within Australia. 
  • To set up a constitution for the organization. 
  • To register the organization according to the Australian Government’s rules and regulations. •To conduct a general election to form a new elected committee.

To be a popular social organization between Nepalese people living in Australia who believe in democracy and democratic values and practices.
To extend the unity and mutual co-operation between the Nepalese people residing in Australia and to support democracy and democratic values and practices and human rights in the best way we can

The goal of this organization is to work for the welfare and in the interest of the entire Nepalese community in Australia regardless of their political faith and sentiments, regardless of their religion, gender, age and occupation. No doubt this organization supports the democratic changes in 1990 and the achievement of the people in Nepal in 1990. NADF has NO relationship with any political parties in Nepal as such. Its activities shall always remain social NOT political. NADF has always maintained a relationship of brotherhood with all the other Nepalese organizations established in Australia; the joint functions organized by NADF in co-ordination with other Nepalese Organizations in the past can be taken as a burning example of it. NADF is also keen and motivated in organizing talk programme and seminars where people from different sectors and background of the Australian government and non-government organizations are invited and our Nepalese brothers and sisters can interact and exchange their ideas about Nepal, its history, its tradition and culture and democracy and development in our motherland. NADF believes this would help us introduce our country to the world and identify the possibilities of exchanging ideas, culture, tradition and tourism and business between the two countries.

NADF is a very young organization established in our Nepalese Community with a high hope and a deep determination of serving our brothers and sisters in Australia in all the way it can. Constructive feedback, suggestions and questions and comments from any Nepalese brother or sister would be highly respected, sincerely appreciated and honestly followed up. At this stage NADF is only based in Sydney, however we are looking forward to gradually establishing its branches in all the major cities of Australia to serve the Nepalese community better.

We thank you for all your support and co-operation to make our mission successful.