1. Formal Registration Process: 2000:NADF was registered at the Department of Fair Trading in New South Wales under the Associations Incorporation Act, 1984 on the day of 5th May 2000.  The Ad-Hoc committee was formed in 1998 in Sydney, NSW, Australia. 

2. A cocktail dinner party was organized during Dashain in 1999

3. A farewell party to Dr. Bhesh Raj Pokhrel in 1999 at Yak & Yeti Nepalese Restaurant as he was leaving Australia after completing his degree.

4. A talk program was organized for Nepalese people with the Ex-Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba , Hon. Speaker Tara Nath Rana Bhat and the Parliament Member Mohan Bahadur Basnet during their official visit in 2000.

5. Nepalese Charity Film Show "Balidaan" was organized in the year 2000

6. A welcome function was organized to HRH Crown Prince and the Nepalese Olympians in Sydney 2000 during the Olympics.

7. A Raffle Bumper Program was organized in the year 2000

8. Fund Raised for Earth Quake victims in Gujarat, India in 2001:Fund of $1400 was raised from within the Nepalese community and handed over to the office of Indian Consulate General in Sydney.

9. A Theme Seminar was organised for the Nepalese community of Sydney in 2002.  The topic of the seminar was "The Role of Democratic Government and the Civic Society in the State of Emergency".  It was a topic on Nepal during the insurgency (people's war of Maoists) in Nepal.The key speakers were;1. John Dowd AO QC,  A former Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Attorney-General and Leader of the New South Wales Opposition2. David Bitel, presidsent of The Refugee Council of Australia and prominent lawyer of Australia3. President of Amnesty International, NSW branch4. Dr. Vivienne Kondos, PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Sydney

10. A Re-Union BBQ was organised by NADF on 23 December 2017 at Ashfield Park in Sydney.  It's objective was to invite, welcome and acknowledge all the founders, past presidents and executive members of NADF since its inception in 1998 and to celebrate end of the year and wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

11. Signature Campaign - 1999More than 500 signatures were collected from Nepalese people living in Sydney and inter state and was submitted to the Ministry of of Foreign Affairs, Kathmandu, Nepal to put pressure to the Nepal Government to establish a Nepalese Embassy in Australia.

12. Fund Raising for Community in 2002NADF took a leading initiative to raise fund of $17,000 to help late Anil Dahal's spouse as well as to cover the expenses of his funeral and taking his dead body from Australia to Nepal.

13. Fund Raising for Flood Victims of Nepal in 2002Fund of $2700 was raised and donated to the Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund of Nepal to help flood victims of Western Nepal.

14. Fund Raised in 2003 for community supportFund of $2000 was raised and handed over to late Laxman Kharel's father to take his slain body to Nepal for cremation.

15. During the term of 2012-2014:1.    Opportunity & and challenges of emerging Nepalese community in Australia” A symposia was organised in Coronation Club Burwood.2.    NADF Organised a community Tour to Huntervalley, as a part of New Year celebaration.3.    Cruise Party was aorganised from Opera yard, during Dashain/ Tihar Festive season.4.    In The collaboration with Australian Red Cross, NADF members donated blood, aiming to assist the Victorian Bush Fire.5.    The then President of JSS Australia Umesh Silwal & NADF, then President Dilli Dhakal jointly Hand Over $2000 to Chitra Lekha Yadav political leader of Nepal, aiming to assist Dwanda Pidit kids education