NADF stands for Nepalese Australian Democratic Forum. It is a non-profit making social organization intended to promote support and co-operation between the Nepalese people in Australia and to promote Nepalese culture and tradition in Australia.
It was established on 28th of September 1998. It is based in Sydney, Australia at the moment; however it is looking forward to expanding its branches in all the major cities of Australia in future.
It's very easy and simple. All you have to do is download NADF General Membership Application Form and fill and submit it to info@nadf.org.au online. Our membership co-ordinator will soon be in contact with you and organise an ID card for you.
All you donate is A$10 every year to NADF which you can either pay cash or by money order or cheque to our membership co-ordinator. As a general member you will have the right to vote in our general election, which is held every year in Sydney and you are also entitled to be nominated as a candidate during the election of the executive committee.
Absolutely No, but everyone wishing to become a member should be abide by the constitution 1998 of NADF and the code of conduct 2001 (which can be made available to you upon request). It does treat equally to all members regardless of their sex, age, race and occupation and political beliefs.
NADF is not a political organisation.  It is neither a sister organization of any political party nor is aligned or affiliated with any one of them. However, it does support democracy and democratic values and practices. It insists on preserving, protecting and supporting democratic values, multiparty system, rule of law, human rights and social and economic equality and fairness in Nepal.
NADF's executive committee is formed by general election conducted every year in Sydney. All the general members of NADF go through a democratic process of voting to choose all the members for their executive committee to be formed. The executive committee later nominates advisors.

NADF is a common social platform where you can discuss and share your ideas and experiences about your political vision & democracy and political & social situations and issues in Nepal; not all the social organizations have this environment.

You can also be involved or participate in various social and cultural activities conducted by NADF. Once you join us NADF will send you information and keep you updated about our activities in a regular basis so that you don’t miss them. You will have the right to suggest or raise any sort of questions and issues in NADF as a member, which will be responded sincerely and respectfully.